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WHO Are You

Friends of Corvallis Police is a 501(c) 3 Oregon corporation. Our mission is to support the Corvallis Police Department in delivery of crime prevention and policing services that benefit all community citizens and enrich the enjoyment of life in Corvallis. Friends of Corvallis Police received its non-profit corporate charter from the State of Oregon on March 14, 2006. And, on July 12, 2006, the IRS granted 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status.

Are You Part of The Corvallis Police Department?

Friends of Corvallis Police is separate and distinct from the Corvallis Police Department. No employee of the Corvallis Police Department may be an FOCP director or corporate officer. However, like any private citizen, off-duty Department employees may volunteer to work on FOCP projects.

Does Friends of Corvallis Police Have Governmental Powers?

FOCP does not have governmental powers and does not engage in law enforcement activities.

What Does Friends of Corvallis Police Do?

Friends of Corvallis Police works to enhance the quality of life in Corvallis. We do this by:

  • Educating Corvallis citizens to be active in preventing crime in their neighborhoods and businesses.
  • Helping the Corvallis Police Department build effective partnerships with citizens and businesses.
  • Making it known that in Corvallis citizens, business owners, and Corvallis Police work together actively to prevent crime and to ensure criminals are held accountable.

What are Your Objectives?

1. To support the Corvallis Police Volunteer Auxiliary in publicizing, promoting, and conducting Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, National Night Out, Cops & Robbers, child and youth outreach, and other crime prevention efforts.

2. To support Corvallis Police Department programs, projects, and special needs that prevent crime, provide community safety, and enrich community livability.

3. To support Corvallis Police Cadet programs and activities.

WHY Did You Organize?

The City of Corvallis experienced budget cuts between 2001 and 2003 resulting in significant reductions of public services provided by the City. As a result, the Corvallis Police Department lost its publicly funded crime prevention program in its entirety. Being that there is no way for people to donate monies directly to the Corvallis Police Department, at that time, crime prevention programs went unfunded.* Friends of Corvallis Police was started to as a way for community members to make tax-exempt donations for crime prevention and other program needs of the Corvallis Police Department. 

*Beginning July 1, 2019, through the Public Safety Fee initiative, limited public monies became available for crime prevention support. However, there is not a line item for dedicated crime prevention services in the City budget. 

How Does Friends of Corvallis Police Raise Money?

FOCP raises funds through public donations and fund raising events.

How Will Revenues be Used?

Monies received by FOCP are used to fund crime prevention and other police-related community-oriented programs in Corvallis and to buy equipment for the Corvallis Police Department and the Corvallis Police Cadets. 

Examples include things such as, but not limited to:

Informational brochures, e.g., descriptions of crime prevention programs

Educational materials, e.g., crime prevention procedures

Warning decals and signage for homeowners and businesses to display

Promotional items, e.g., advertising for new members for the Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs

Crime prevention awareness give-away items for kids, e.g., educational coloring books

National Night Out publicity and party favors

Feeding, care, and supplies for the K-9 unit

Equipment, e.g., camera to surveil suspected drug operations, instruments to collect/process forensic evidence, training supplies, and radio communications items

Software for crime analysis, mapping, and desktop publishing

Uniforms and equipment, e.g., flashlights and radios, for Police Cadets

Special Departmental needs that may arise periodically, e.g., training to replace a highly trained officer who resigns unexpectedly.

HOW Do I Donate?

You can donate to Friends of Corvallis Police by check or money order in any of several ways. If you would like assistance or to otherwise discuss your contribution, please send us an e-mail at infofocp@gmail.com and we will contact you. 

To donate, you can download our donation form and:

Make a contribution for Crime Prevention.

Make a contribution to Patrol or Investigations or to the K-9 Unit.

Make a contribution for a specific program, project, or item.

Make a contribution to the General Fund. General Fund contributions will be pooled and used at the discretion of the Department and Friends of Corvallis Police.

You may divide your donation among categories.

WHAT Can I Donate Other Than Money?

Friends of Corvallis Police may accept non-monetary contributions in the form of:

real property or conservation easements

closely held securities

intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights

works of literature, music, or art



automobiles, boats, planes, or other vehicles if they run and are in good condition


If you hold clear title and would like to make a donation of this nature please contact us to make arrangements. Please note that to make donations other than cash you must hold and be able to transfer clear title. All types of vehicles must run properly and be in good, salable physical condition. Non-monetary donations must be accompanied with a statement of value as determined by a professional appraiser.

How Does My Donation Reach the Corvallis Police Department?

The Corvallis Police Department designated Chief Jon Sassaman as liaison to Friends of Corvallis Police. Chief Sassaman is the official spokesperson for the Department in regard to Friends of Corvallis Police and he will receive directly the items that Friends of Corvallis Police purchases on behalf of the Department.

The President of Friends of Corvallis Police liaises with Chief Sassaman to inform the Department on a quarterly schedule about donations received and funds available to the Department.

The Corvallis Police Department may, at any time, request items be purchased up to the amount available. Donations designated for a given program, project, or specific item will only be used for those purposes. Friends of Corvallis Police will purchase items as requested by the Corvallis Police Department, will receive shipment, and the FOCP President will personally deliver items to Chief Sassaman.

Friends of Corvallis Police will never borrow money or otherwise use credit to purchase items for the Corvallis Police Department or for its own use.

What Crime Prevention Programs Does FOCP Support?

With but limited public monies for crime prevention in Corvallis, most program funding depends on donations from citizens and businesses. Using this donated funding the Corvallis Police Department delivers five major programs: Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, Business Watch, Cops & Robbers 101, and outreach to children and youth. There are also several smaller programs: staffing CPD display booths at civic functions, abandoned bicycle recovery, and maintaining crime prevention literature.

Most crime prevention programs are delivered at no cost by Corvallis Police Auxiliary Volunteers.

How Much of My Donation Goes to Overhead?

Virtually none. Friends of Corvallis Police is an all-volunteer organization. We have no payroll and we strive to minimize all costs. Our expenses are low, consisting primarily of office supplies, postage, and fees of less than $100/year assessed by the IRS and the State of Oregon.

Where Can I Learn About Crime In Corvallis?

A key component of public safety and of crime prevention is an informed citizenry. To protect itself a community needs to know what to protect itself against. 

The best source for crime statistics and commentary on crime is the Corvallis Police Department’s Annual Report. It includes a table with a running five-year tally for occurrences of select crimes in Corvallis.

Corvallis Police Department Annual Reports are published each September for the preceding fiscal year. Crime statistics are reported for the full calendar year of the first year of the fiscal year. For example, the report for fiscal year 20xx/20yy includes the statistics for 20xx.

A real-time look at current police activity can be found in the Crime Reports feature on the CPD website. It includes all police-related incidents except sex crimes with juvenile victims, cases involving mental health, and on-going investigations. The map is updated every day at 7am and again at 7pm so that at any time one can see what and where police-related events occurred within the City. One can customize the map to set its boundaries, time frame, and the types of events it shows. It also has the option to show addresses for registered sex offenders. You can view this feature by going to the Department’s website and selecting Crime Reports toward the bottom of the page.

Another source of crime and crime prevention information is the series of alerts provided to members of Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch. Alerts include monthly reports of residential and business burglaries, a copy of the Department’s monthly report to the City Manager, special alerts for specific incidents, and a quarterly newsletter.

How Do I Report A Crime?

For non-emergencies call 541-766-7924 during business hours or 541-766-6911 after hours and on weekends.

You also can report many kinds of crimes online. To initiate an online report go to the File a Police Report option on the Corvallis Police Department’s website. There you will find a short set of instructions and some questions to answer that determine whether online reporting is appropriate for your incident. Reports can be made at any time it is convenient for you. You receive an electronic copy when the session ends.

Is the Corvallis Police Department Accredited?

Yes. The Corvallis Police Department has been accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since 1995. The Corvallis Police Department is one of only two law enforcement agencies in Oregon and 581 nationally (of some 18,000) to achieved this standard.

If you would like to learn more about CALEA and the benefits to the Corvallis community of having an accredited police department, please visit the Accreditation page of  the Corvallis Police website. You can also visit the CALEA website.

Who are the Friends of Corvallis Police Officers and Directors?

  • Gary Evans
  • Randy Joss
  • Varien Tilton, President & Acting Secretary
  • Marc Vomocil 
  • Joan Wessell, Treasurer

How Do I Contact You?

  • Friends of Corvallis Police
  • 180 NW 5th St., PO Box 1083
  • Corvallis, Oregon 97339
  • 541-766-6863 infofocp@gmail.com

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