About Us

About Us

Friends of Corvallis Police was founded in March 2006 as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt corporation. The incentive was to provide a way for citizens to make tax-deductible donations to assist the Corvallis Police Department in delivery of crime prevention and other services to all citizens of Corvallis. There is but limited public funding for crime prevention in Corvallis.

All directors and officers are volunteers. There are no paid staff members at Friends of Corvallis Police. In that all FOCP officers, board members, and other people associated with FOCP work as volunteers and that FOCP office, meeting, and web spaces are donated, FOCP has no operating costs other than State of Oregon and IRS fees that total less than $100 per year. There are no other operating costs. All donations go directly to FOCP programs and projects.

In partnership with the Corvallis Police Department, Friends of Corvallis Police will use your donation to educate our community about crime prevention and support major crime prevention programs. Friends of Corvallis Police may also use your donation to buy equipment for the Corvallis Police and the Corvallis Police Cadets, to fund projects, and to help meet Departmental needs that may arise unexpectedly.

For more information about Friends of Corvallis Police, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions and visit our Governance page.


Friends of Corvallis Police is separate and distinct from the Corvallis Police Department. We do not have governmental powers and do not engage in law enforcement activities.

  • Gary Evans
  • Randy Joss
  • Varien Tilton – President & Acting Secretary
  • Marc Vomocil
  • Joan Wessell – Treasurer


Chief Jon Sassaman


Please visit our Donate page for a list of types of donations we accept and how these donations may be made.

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  • Friends of Corvallis Police
  • 180 NW 5th St., PO Box 1083
  • Corvallis, Oregon 97339
  • 541-766-6863
  • infofocp@gmail.com