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We hope information you learn here will help you to keep safe from becoming a victim of crime. We include a number of links to specific crime prevention topics on the Corvallis Police Department’s website that provide you with detailed information. We also hope you become informed about your Corvallis Police Department and crime in Corvallis. Additionally, we hope you learn how you can be active in preventing crime in our community as a private citizen.

By visiting our donate page you can learn about the types of tax-deductible donations you can make to support crime prevention in our community. You can direct your donation to support a specific choice, whether to the Friends of Corvallis Police General Fund or to a Corvallis Police Department unit, program, or even an equipment item you would like to specify.

We hope you will be active against crime by practicing in your personal life things you learn here and by supporting your Corvallis Police through participation in public forums and by making financial donations to Friends of Corvallis Police.

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Corvallis Police Directory

DRUG TIP HOTLINE 541-766-6272

Crime Prevention 541-766-6863

Animal Control 541-766-6924

Detectives 541-766-6975

Non-emergencies 541-766-6911

Information 541-766-6924

Office of the Chief 541-766-6925

Parking 541-766-6924

Cadet Program 541-766-6578

Records 541-766-6924

Auxiliary 541-766-6863

Internet corvallisoregon.gov/police

Email police@corvallisoregon.gov